Inspired by the places I’ve lived.

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I’ve lived in Hong Kong and Taipei, both cities that are full of skyscrapers – much like the towers of Vispa. I’ve also lived in New Zealand, a country that’s fairly low-rise, and I’m currently living in Melbourne.

Have I ever lived in a tower? Yes, I have, and I really enjoyed it. Lots to see, low earth footprint (surely not the right way of putting it) and, as long as the lifts (or elevators) are working, it’s good. That’s one of the reasons I wish I lived on Vispa – I’d LOVE to have a go at “zip-wiring” to see my neighbours.

Here’s a picture of Bakossi Tower on Vispa. (This is the illustration for chapter 21.) Would you like to live in a tower that looks like this?

In the second book in the series, ‘Across the Sands of Aurinko’, the tower-dwellers travel about on the helter-skelter. Is it as frightening as it sounds? Read it and find out.

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