About me.


I am the author of the Goats in Space Saga, a series of books set in a possible future.

And although the picture on the back cover of ‘From the Depths of Vispa’, suggests I’m a snail living in a tuba, I am in fact human.

I’m British and currently live in Melbourne, Australia, but I have lived in France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Auckland, Perth (the Australian one), Bristol and Croydon.

All the chapter illustrations were done by me and my two sons. (They’re much better at monsters, animals and armour, than I am. )

This is a photo of one of the illustrators running about on the beach.

This is a photo from the Pinnacles in Western Australia. It’s an amazing place and I found it inspirational when writing ‘Across the Sands of Aurinko’.

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  1. Vinzent Kramer says:

    Looking forward to the next book!!!

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