Where can I buy the Goats in Space Saga books?



The Goats in Space Saga series can be bought as paperbacks or ebooks, from Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble.

Click below for direct links to the online booksellers:


If you’re a reader in New Zealand or Australia, please order from the Fishpond and Booktopia websites.

If you’d like to buy the paperbacks from an independent bookshop (which is always a lovely thing to do) here are the ISBN codes:

From the Depths of Vispa – 978 0 9876441 0 7

Across the Sands of Aurinko – 978 0 9876441 2 1

Into the Forest of Strom – 978 0 9876441 4 5

And finally, here’s a photo of my great-nephew, Ted, reading From the Depths of Vispa (with the original cover). Perhaps I should buy him the latest version…

Ted was only little here, and his mother, May, helped him with the long words. He’s much bigger and faster at reading now.

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