How exactly do you pronounce that?


A guide to pronouncing the characters’ names and the places they visit on the planet of Vispa.

First things first. ‘SEYFERT‘ = zay + furt = zayfurt = Seyfert

His friend, Tycho. Named after Tycho Brahe, this name is pronounced tie + co. Rhymes with the non-word pie-go, kind of.

Addie rhymes with caddy. Easy!

Walf is a halfway between ‘wolf’ and ‘ralph’, if that helps.

Suza rhymes with ‘chooser’. Is that a word?

Istanglia is pronounced like it’s spelled, and is NOT pronounced East Anglia…

Amburg is Hamburg without the ‘h’.

Kodiak is pronounced ‘Kodiak’ with a long ‘o’. It shouldn’t sound like cod.

South Utzeera is pronounced ‘South Utzeera’, but should be spelled, ‘South Utsire! : )

Adamant is not said like ‘Adam Ant’, it’s more like Addumunt. (Did that help?)

Nineveh is a tricky name to write down. ninuvuh. ninnuvvuhhh. ninnuvuhh. Anyway, the emphasis should be on the NIN bit.

Puffbird puffbird.

Hawtrey, is pronounced hore-tree or, if you prefer, ‘H’ or AITCH.

Uisker, probably the most difficult name, is pronounced ‘whisker’ – as in “The cat’s …”

I hope that’s been helpful.

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